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why did frodo leave with the elves at the end ?

Why did Gollum save Frodo?

It is therefore fitting that Gollum is ultimately the one that ensures the ring is destroyed. The second is the power of the ring, and how that is magnified, the closer you get to Sauron's seat of power. Already in the Shire there was evidence of the ring's influence on Frodo, so of course by the end of their journey that would be formiddable.

Why does everyone hate Frodo?

The sole reason that Sauron didn't come to power again. Except, not really. Frodo is basically a useless po-ta-toe that needs to be saved constantly and almost gave up the Ring countless times. 1. First off, it takes all of like FIVE FREAKING MINUTES for Frodo to endanger the quest and almost ruin everything.

Why does Frodo live with Bilbo?

In TA 2980, when Frodo was only 12 years old, his parents drowned in a boating accident on the Brandywine River. An only child, Frodo stayed in Brandy Hall until his 99-year-old "uncle" Bilbo adopted him in TA 2989. Bilbo took Frodo to live with him in his home at Bag End and made him his heir.

Why does Frodo go to the Undying Lands?

What this means is that Frodo could never move on from what happened, and it would always come back to haunt him every year. The only way for Frodo to find peace was for him to leave Middle-earth and head to the Undying Lands, in the hopes that this mystical realm could finally heal his injuries forever.

1. Why Did Frodo Leave On The Boat Along With The Others?

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2 hours ago May 12, 2022 · Frodo left for Valinor to find healing and peace of mind, which he could not find in Middle-Earth. He lived among the Elves there until he died. Because of the Quest, …

2. Why did Frodo leave with the elves at the end?

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18 hours ago Also, why did Frodo leave at the end of The Lord of the Rings? ... The elves go there after they've had enough of Middle Earth, and Frodo, due to the Ring's effects, had been made far …

3. Why Did Frodo Leave Middle-earth and the Shire?

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16 hours ago Jul 20, 2012 · Why did Frodo have to leave the Shire and Middle-earth at the end of The Lord of the Rings? Because the burden of carrying the One Ring had wounded his spirit, his …

4. Why does Frodo go to the undying lands?

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18 hours ago Where did Frodo go at the end of The Lord of the Rings? Frodo goes to the Undying Lands with the elves. While the mortal human, hobbit, and dwarf characters discuss death and dying (and …

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