should you put your phone number on craigslist ?

Should you put your phone number on Craigslist?

What to Include in Your Craigslist AdMaking Buyers Wait Sucks. ...Leave a Phone Number. ...Scammers Don’t Actually Call Craigslist Sellers. ...Inform the Buyer before They Contact You. ...Let’s compare two titles: If someone is browsing or searching for a Nintendo Wii U on Craigslist and all they can see is text, which title do you think is ...Say What You Are Selling. ...Include the Item’s Condition. ...More items...

How do you contact Craigslist?

The Personals section allows you to tap into six different subcategories:Casual Dating;Men Seeking Men;Men Seeking Women;Missed Connections;Women Seeking Women;Women Seeking Men.

Why is Craigslist asking for my phone number?

The scam:You put your own personal telephone number (mobile or landline number) out in public somewhere (on a classified ad, or a dating website, or wherever).Some scammer contacts you via text or email about your ad. ...The scammer is, in reality, going through the Google Voice setup process. ...

How do I contact Craigslist customer service?

People contact Craigslist customer support for a range of reasons, including:Questions about placing paid and free adsReporting scams or inappropriate adsReporting ads that violate state, local or federal lawsBilling issuesTechnical support and troubleshootingRequests by users to remove ads that they have placed

1. Why You Should Never Post Personal Phone Number on Craigslist


17 hours ago When conducting business on Craigslist, you may need to create a business phone number. You can create a cost-free, disposable number on Dingtone instead of giving out your real number. Dingtone users can send and receive free text messages and make and answer phone calls over WiFi or a 3G/4G data network without using cell minutes.

2. What to Include in Your Craigslist Ads


14 hours ago Feb 19, 2022 · Several ways. You create an account and you can have it redirect to your actual phone number. You can use the site for text messaging or use the app. Also, you can call your own GV number, enter a pin, enter the phone number you want to call, and your call will be routed through google voice and show as coming from the number you made.

3. Would you give out cell # for craigslist purchase? -


27 hours ago Mar 14, 2011 · I put my phone number in my Craigs list ads, and although I use the Craigs list system to keep my email address hidden. I reply to every email I get, even the obvious scams, (just in case they aren't) which of course makes my email available.

4. Should you put your phone number on Craigslist?


17 hours ago Neither. If you want to prevent spam and scammers from contacting you on your phone just use the anonymized email through craigslist. The real answer to avoiding all of the dregs of humanity from messing with you trying to extract money or info or whatever it is they try to do, is to lock yourself in your room and do not get online or contact anyone.

5. How do you post on Craigslist without using a phone number?


9 hours ago May 09, 2013 · I cannot understand at all hesitating to give your cell phone number. If a seller wouldn't give me a phone number, I would suspect a scam and I would not deal with you. If your buyer has your name, he or she can get your address, landline number and all sorts of info very easily. You might as well give your cell number.

6. Should you put your phone number on Craigslist?


35 hours ago Dec 07, 2017 · 7,120. Reaction score. 2,281. Your mistrust is the same as his. You don't trust him because he won't give you his number, he doesn't want to give out his number to some creep who answered a craigslist ad. Seems about fair. Dec 7, 2017. #6.

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