can you thread copper to brass ?

Can you use a threaded brass fitting with copper?

A brass threaded fitting can have two types of the threaded end. It can be either a female threaded end or a male threaded end. The other edge of the brass gets connected with copper inlets. The inlet is joined through the soldering process. To join copper with a threaded brass fitting, you’ve to follow some steps.

How do you solder brass to copper pipe?

Push the brass fitting onto the end of the copper pipe. Uncoil 8 inches of solder from its spool and bend 2 inches of the end at 90 degrees. Turn on the propane torch and heat the brass fitting evenly by moving the flame side to side. When you hear the flux sizzling, touch the end of the solder to the join between the brass and the copper.

Can I use PBV to heat up a brass fitting?

The PBV acts as a heat sink and it takes forever to heat it enough to melt solder. Sweating copper to a brass fitting certainly can be done, but it's often a bit more difficult than copper to copper because the brass fitting is much heavier than the copper so heating the joint can be tricky. That said, I think your problem may be the Teflon tape.

Does brass react with copper or zinc?

Since brass doesn’t react with either the copper or the zinc, one method is to make sure you have a threaded female end on both the copper and the steel pipes, and then connect the two by simply inserting a short threaded brass nipple between them.

1. Can you thread copper to brass?


19 hours ago Yes, it can destroy the dope and/or teflon tape as well as any sensitive seals, temperature compensators and plastic inside the brass body. Solder the pipe and fittings together so that you have several inches of copper pipe, THEN thread the threaded end into the brass body.

2. How tight - copper to brass threaded fittings | Terry Love …


17 hours ago Sep 02, 2017 · copper to brass threaded fittings To keep for getting the valve usit hot, solder a male adapter to both ends of a short lenght of pipe. Depending on your layout, you might want to elbow one end for easier access. Then screw these assemblies into the valve and secure the entire valve assembly.

3. Can you solder copper pipe to a brass fitting? [Solved] (2022)


13 hours ago Apr 06, 2022 · Brass is a denser, harder metal than copper, though you can still solder the two together. Brass simply needs more heat than copper …

4. issues with brass to copper connections - Plumbing Zone


36 hours ago Step 1. Sand the end of the copper pipe with an emery cloth, as well as the inside of the brass fitting. Apply lead-free soldering paste, or flux, to the pipe end, as well as the inside of the brass fitting. Push the brass fitting onto the end of the copper pipe.

5. Brass to Brass Pipe Thread Connections - Fine Homebuilding


31 hours ago Jun 20, 2008 · Since brass doesn’t react with either the copper or the zinc, one method is to make sure you have a threaded female end on both the copper and the steel pipes, and then connect the two by simply ...

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